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Equipment: Oilseed Crushing Mill
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
Unit Type: Oilseed Crushing Mill
Place Of Origin: China Dalian
Price: Inquire
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Technical Parameters: Oilseed Crushing Mill
Usage: Oilseed Crushing Mill, Oilseed Cracking Mill, Oilseed Cracking Machine, Oilseed Cracker, Oilseed Cracker Machine.
Main Features: Oilseed Crushing Mill, Cracking Mill, Crushing Mill, Flaking Mill, Oil Press, Oil Expeller.
Description: The DBPSG series Oilseed crushing mill is for the soybean, the peanut and so on the granulated fuel oils system oil process pretreats the craft necessary one new type oilseed equipment. Through this machine to pellet fuel oils'' stave, can obviously improve rolls over the embrionic effect, guaranteed that the embrionic piece quality, raises the oil extraction rate and the productivity. This aircraft according to the market to investigate and study Our company independent innovation research and development, to design four rollers three to grind the crushing mill china, has the volume to be small, the output is high, the stave granularity equispaced, the power consumption low status merit, meanwhile has the area to be small, the structure is compact, simplicity of operator, nimble reliable, characteristics and so on service convenience. Cooperative Product Advantages Structure part: According to the adjustment of the roll rotation direction to achieve four rolls can crack three times ,thus to achieve the best effect of crushing thing Transmission part: Connected the motor directly to cracking roller by flexible coupling, then through gear deceleration to achieve differential operation of roll speed to improve transmission efficiency Fine-tuning part: By worm gear and guide screw to remove micro gap of cracking roll between double nut, adopt the belleville spring fasten technology to ensure broken pressure, to achieve one roll fixed,three rolls can be adjusted arbitrarily Bearing block part: Adopt the cordwood-type superposition layout and dovetail guide slide to adjust the roll pitch, to ensure a stable and reliable bearing block Base part: Adopt the overall frame structure, to ensure the smooth running of machine Feed part: Adopt the forced feed device and homogenizing equipment, to improve production efficiency Magnetic separation part: Adopt a multi-level magnetic separation device, eliminate the damage of roll on the impurities in the raw materials Model part: A unique design, occupies small area, easy to operate, nice to look
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