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Name:Dalian Baofeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Equipment: Flaking Mill Machine
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
Unit Type: Flaking Mill Machine
Place Of Origin: China Dalian
Price: Inquire
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Technical Parameters: Flaking Mill Machine
Usage: Flaking Roller Mill, Oilseed Flaking Mill, Oilseed Flaker, Oilseed Flaking Machine, Hydraulic Flaking Mill, Flaking Mill Machine.
Main Features: Flaking Mill Machine, Cracking Mill, Crushing Mill, Flaking Mill, Oil Press, Oil Expeller.
Description: The YYPY2 series flaking mill machine daily output is big, the work is steady, hydraulic system pressure stable reliable, between the roller is also equipped with against collision to install, reduces between roller''s collision, enhanced roller''s service life. Is the depth the general customer welcome oilseed equipment. Cooperative Product Advantages Single rotation Motor power: 1600KW-6, adopt the United States Gates synchronous belt drive Feed motor: Adopt SEW frequency conversion motor, can adjust the feed rate according to needed Roll: Adopt the hollow roll-axes and the high-precision dynamic balancing technology, eliminate the vibration caused by the centrifugalforce when doing high-speed operation, through the perimeter drill cooling technology to maintain a balanced operation temperature patent number:ZL 2009 2 0010356.8 Bearing: All adopt SKF bearings equipment be imported with original packaging, can increase the service lifecycle several times Electronic display of flake thickness: To maintain the stability of production, eliminate the dangers arise from manual operation Strong magnetic separation: Adopt multi-level magnetic separation device, eliminate the damage of roll on the impurities in the raw materials Model: Unique design, occupies small area, easy to operate, nice to look, patent number:ZL 2007 1 0202499.4 Scraper: By changing the length of the spring to change the contact between Scraper and the roll surface, easy to installation Bearing block: Adopt the square bearing block, install wear plate in the underside of the bearing seat, slide along the track free,easy to change and adjust Dust-proof: The device comes with dust-proof devices to remove dust drastically when working Achievement: The products are exported to Australia, Cargill Grain and Oil (Yangjiang) Co., Ltd., Fujian Yuancheng Beans Co., Ltd. and other enterprises
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